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2019-12-10 12:53:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Annadale, Sanger, Fresno, Calif, USA - CALIFORNIA - Man Tried To Kidnap Woman Getting Out Of Car In Sanger Gym Parking Lot Police Say

2019-12-10 12:22:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Surajpur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India - INDIA - DMRC Official Missing Cops Suspect Abduction

2019-12-10 01:42:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Paseo de Roxas & Perea, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines - PHILIPPINES - Chinese Woman Abducted In Makati Financial District Police

2019-12-10 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Kafur, Katsina, Nigeria - NIGERIA - Three Suspected Kidnappers Others Nabbed In Katsina

2019-12-10 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan - PAKISTAN - Two Suspects Held In Dua Mangi Case

2019-12-10 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Khandelwal Colony, Durg, Chhattisgarh, India - INDIA - Police Rescue Abducted Boy In 24 Hrs Arrest Three

2019-12-10 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Patiala, Punjab, India - INDIA - Two Girls Abducted In Separate Cases Police Clueless

2019-12-09 16:36:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Clearcreek Township, OH, USA - OHIO - 3 Indicted For Kidnapping Man In Clearcreek Township

2019-12-09 09:54:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, India - INDIA - Youth Booked For Kidnapping 16-Year-Old Girl In Budaun Village

2019-12-09 08:12:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Gibson County, Indiana, USA - INDIANA - Kansas Man Wanted On Kidnapping Warrant Arrested In Gibson County

2019-12-09 08:01:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Indranagar, Agartala, Tripura, India - INDIA - 9 Months After Minor Kidnap Accused Held

2019-12-09 04:56:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - 11800 Airline Dr, Houston, TX, USA - TEXAS - Police Searching For Victim Of Possible Road Rage Crash Kidnapping

2019-12-09 01:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Kwali Close, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria - NIGERIA - One Arrested As Fleeing Kidnappers Kill Four Persons

2019-12-09 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Qilla Abdullah District, Balochistan, Pakistan - PAKISTAN - Teenager Kidnapped In Qila Abdullah

2019-12-09 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Tura-Phulbari Road, Rongram, Meghalaya, India - INDIA - Abducted Driver Yet To Be Found

2019-12-09 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Bhondsi, Gurgaon, Haryana, India - INDIA - 2 Wanted For Murder Of Gangster Ashok Rathi Held Ggn Police

2019-12-09 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Beira, Mozambique - MOZAMBIQUE - Son Of Beira Businessman Kidnapped

2019-12-08 18:40:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Makera, Katsina, Nigeria - NIGERIA - I Kidnapped My Step-Sister To Raise Money For My Girlfriend Suspect

2019-12-08 15:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Owo, Ondo, Nigeria - NIGERIA - Kidnappers Demand N100 Million To Release Ondo Catholic Priests

2019-12-08 00:00:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Colosseum Hotel and Fitness Club, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - TANZANIA - Cops Grill Hotel Workers About African Billionaire Kidnapping

2019-12-07 18:25:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - INDIA - Police Register FIR After Girl Escapes Kidnapping In Bengaluru

2019-12-07 14:26:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines - PHILIPPINES - Bohol Student Apologizes For Inventing Kidnap Story

2019-12-07 07:15:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Other - Kailash Nagar Rd, State Bank Of India ATM, Kailash Nagar, Luxmi Colony, Jodhewal, Ludhiana, Punjab, India - INDIA - Abduction Victim Under City Police Scanner

2019-12-07 06:53:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Panj Peer Dargah, Panj Peer Nagar, Abohar, Punjab, India - INDIA - BJP Councillor Sons 4 Others Booked For Abduction Assault

2019-12-07 05:13:00 - Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases - Dadin Kowa, Gombe, Nigeria - NIGERIA - Police Arrest 5 Over Kidnapping Robbery

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Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases

2019-12-10 00:00:00DetailIndiaKhandelwal Colony, Durg, Chhattisgarh, IndiaINDIA - Police Rescue Abducted Boy In 24 Hrs Arrest Three
2019-12-10 00:00:00DetailPakistanDefence Housing Authority, Karachi, PakistanPAKISTAN - Two Suspects Held In Dua Mangi Case
2019-12-10 00:00:00DetailNigeriaKafur, Katsina, NigeriaNIGERIA - Three Suspected Kidnappers Others Nabbed In Katsina
2019-12-09 16:36:00DetailUnited StatesClearcreek Township, OH, USAOHIO - 3 Indicted For Kidnapping Man In Clearcreek Township
2019-12-09 09:54:00DetailIndiaBudaun, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Youth Booked For Kidnapping 16-Year-Old Girl In Budaun Village
2019-12-09 08:12:00DetailUnited StatesGibson County, Indiana, USAINDIANA - Kansas Man Wanted On Kidnapping Warrant Arrested In Gibson County
2019-12-09 08:01:00DetailIndiaIndranagar, Agartala, Tripura, IndiaINDIA - 9 Months After Minor Kidnap Accused Held
2019-12-09 01:00:00DetailNigeriaKwali Close, Abuja, FCT, NigeriaNIGERIA - One Arrested As Fleeing Kidnappers Kill Four Persons
2019-12-09 00:00:00DetailIndiaBhondsi, Gurgaon, Haryana, IndiaINDIA - 2 Wanted For Murder Of Gangster Ashok Rathi Held Ggn Police
2019-12-08 18:40:00DetailNigeriaMakera, Katsina, NigeriaNIGERIA - I Kidnapped My Step-Sister To Raise Money For My Girlfriend Suspect
2019-12-07 06:53:00DetailIndiaPanj Peer Dargah, Panj Peer Nagar, Abohar, Punjab, IndiaINDIA - BJP Councillor Sons 4 Others Booked For Abduction Assault
2019-12-07 05:13:00DetailNigeriaDadin Kowa, Gombe, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Arrest 5 Over Kidnapping Robbery
2019-12-06 13:24:00DetailUnited StatesLafayette, LA, USALOUISIANA - 2 Additional Suspects Arrested In Connection With East Bay Home Invasion Robberies
2019-12-06 11:18:00DetailUnited StatesSimpson County, KY, USAKENTUCKY - Teen Rescued After Being Kidnapped From Kentucky Walmart Parking Lot
2019-12-06 10:03:00DetailIndiaTadepalli, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Six-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped By Father Friends For Ransom Rescued
2019-12-06 09:58:00DetailIndiaBiharsharif, Nalanda, Bihar, IndiaINDIA - Nalanda Teacher Succumbs To Gunshot Injuries
2019-12-06 07:24:00DetailIndiaNarendrapur, Kolkata, West Bengal, IndiaINDIA - Fraud Victims Kidnap Agent 5 Arrested
2019-12-06 00:00:00DetailGhanaKumasi, GhanaGHANA - Row Over Kumasi Kidnappers Cash
2019-12-05 18:33:00DetailIndiaKurla Railway Station - West Exit, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - Ex-Cricketer Robin Morris Arrested For Kidnapping Loan Agent
2019-12-05 04:07:00DetailNigeriaKano, Nassarawa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Arrest 10 Suspected Kidnappers Robbers In Kano
2019-12-05 00:00:00DetailCanadaSpadina Ave & College St, Toronto, ON, CanadaCANADA - Choked And Robbed Fourth Arrest In Violent Kidnapping Two Hunted
2019-12-04 23:12:00DetailIndiaGreater Kailash, New Delhi, South Delhi, Delhi, IndiaINDIA - Five Held For Murdering Realtor Over Property Dispute
2019-12-04 14:31:00DetailNigeriaFuntua, Katsina, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Burst Kidnap Syndicate Rescue Victim In Katsina
2019-12-04 07:00:00DetailUnited StatesOklahoma City, Cleveland County, OK, USAOKLAHOMA - OKC Man Charged With Kidnapping Extortion
2019-12-04 00:51:00DetailNigeriaOgbia, Bayelsa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Mob Burns Two Suspected Kidnappers In Bayelsa
2019-12-04 00:00:00DetailPhilippinesDanao City, Cebu, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - Man Faces Charges Over Fake Abduction Post
2019-12-04 00:00:00DetailNigeriaTegina, Rafi, Niger, NigeriaNIGERIA - Six Suspected Kidnappers Nabbed In Niger Victim Rescued
2019-12-04 00:00:00DetailNigeriaSabuwar Unguwa, Katsina, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Arrest Woman For Allegedly Poisoning Stepdaughter
2019-12-03 22:29:00DetailUnited StatesAlvarado Street, Oxnard, Calif, USACALIFORNIA - Three Arrested For Carjacking And Kidnapping In Oxnard
2019-12-03 21:18:00DetailUnited StatesLas Cruces, New Mexico, USAMEXICO - Missing 3 And 4-Year-Old Las Cruces Brothers Found In Mexico
2019-12-03 18:38:00DetailUnited StatesTurkish Cultural Center New Hampshire, Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH, USANEW HAMPSHIRE - Man Accused Of Kidnapping Men At Turkish Cultural Center
2019-12-03 18:27:00DetailIndiaPeddapalli, Telangana, IndiaINDIA - ATM Card Helps Cops Nab Kidnapper In Peddapalli
2019-12-03 13:15:00DetailNigeriaEpe, Lagos, NigeriaNIGERIA - Abducted Female Corps Member Rescued After Four Days In Kidnappers Den
2019-12-03 06:46:00DetailIndiaJalalabad, Fazilka, Punjab, IndiaAFGHANISTAN - Woman Held For Blackmailing Trader Through Obscene Video
2019-12-03 04:58:00DetailIndiaBarh, Patna, Bihar, IndiaINDIA - Kidnapped Youth Rescued Four Held
2019-12-02 23:00:00DetailUnited StatesWichita, Kansas, USAKANSAS - 2 Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder Kidnapping And Robbery
2019-12-02 01:26:00DetailIndiaBanaswadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaINDIA - Three Held For Kidnapping Minor Boy
2019-12-01 00:00:00DetailPakistanJhelum, PakistanPAKISTAN - Hotel Owner Abducted For Rs25m Ransom Rescued Five Kidnappers Held
2019-11-30 09:01:00DetailIndiaPiduguralla, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Five-Month-Old Kidnapped Rescued In 5 Hours
2019-11-30 00:00:00DetailIndiaLanjigarh, Kalahandi, Odisha, IndiaINDIA - 2 Held For Bid To Extort Money From Vedanta Man
2019-11-29 22:29:00DetailIndiaChander Vihar, Nilothi, Delhi, IndiaINDIA - Two Held For Kidnapping Child
2019-11-29 19:08:00DetailBangladeshKamalnagar, BangladeshBANGLADESH - Four Abducted Fishermen Rescued 3 Pirates Arrested
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailNigeriaChikun, Kaduna, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Arrest Kaduna Village Head Others For Kidnapping
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailNigeriaAsa Road, Aba, Abia, NigeriaNIGERIA - Fake Police Officer Held For Kidnapping In Abia
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailNigeriaAgbor, Delta, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Arrest Kidnap Kingpin Rescue Delta Couple
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailCanadaCalgary, AB, CanadaCANADA - Man Jailed 7 Years For Role In Violent Calgary Kidnapping USD400000 Ransom Demand
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailMozambiqueMatola, MozambiqueMOZAMBIQUE - Son Of Prominent Businessman Kidnapped
2019-11-28 18:37:00DetailIndiaNand Market, Badshahpur, Sector 66, Gurugram, Haryana, IndiaINDIA - Three Held For Kidnapping 15-Month-Old Boy Cops Suspect Trafficking
2019-11-28 00:00:00DetailSouth AfricaJohannesburg, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Teacher Who Plotted Kidnapping Of A six Year-Old Girl From Her School In South Africa
2019-11-28 00:00:00DetailMexicoTlalpan, CDMX, MexicoMEXICO - Doctor Accused Of Leading Band Of Mexico City Kidnappers
2019-11-27 06:27:00DetailUnited StatesAnkeny, Iowa, USAIOWA - Police Capture Ankeny Man Suspected Of Kidnapping Toddler
2019-11-26 13:48:00DetailIndiaSarthana, Nana Varachha, Surat, Gujarat, IndiaINDIA - Two Caught For Kidnapping Man From Sarthana
2019-11-26 13:05:00DetailUnited StatesCorbin, KY, USAKENTUCKY - Woman Charged With Kidnapping After Missing Knox County Teen Found Safe
2019-11-26 10:48:00DetailIndiaRayagada, Odisha, IndiaINDIA - Wanted Criminal Held After Encounter In Odisha
2019-11-26 00:00:00DetailMexicoNevado de Toluca, State of Mexico, MexicoMEXICO - Ransom Payment Frees Two Kidnapped On México State Volcano
2019-11-26 00:00:00DetailUnited KingdomThornton Heath, Croydon, UKUNITED KINGDOM - Manhunt Underway After Gunpoint Kidnap Attempt
2019-11-25 19:07:00DetailUnited StatesSE 149th St & S Sunnylane Rd, Moore, OK, USAOKLAHOMA - OKCPD Cancel Amber Alert For Abducted 3-Year-Old
2019-11-25 08:03:00DetailUnited StatesCorpus Christi, Texas, USATEXAS - Woman Foils Her Own Kidnapping By Passing Notes To Texas Walmart Employees
2019-11-25 06:37:00DetailIndiaAmbattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaINDIA - Six Held For Abducting Business Man In Ambattur
2019-11-25 01:00:00DetailPhilippinesMindanao, Zamboanga, PhilippinesUNITED KINGDOM - Kidnapped UK Man And Wife Rescued After Philippines Gun Battle
2019-11-25 00:00:00DetailPakistanSector 1 Mosque, Street Number 5, KDA, Kohat, PakistanPAKISTAN - Child Recovered Kidnappers Arrested In Kohat
2019-11-25 00:00:00DetailJapanOsaka, JapanJAPAN - Suspect In Kidnapping Of 12-Year-Old Osaka Girl Tells Police He Saved A Child Who Needed Help
2019-11-25 00:00:00DetailPhilippinesCabangan, Zambales, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - Ship Carrying Toxic Waste From South Korea Nabbed
2019-11-24 15:23:00DetailNigeriaOru West, Imo, NigeriaNIGERIA - Fake Kidnap 43-Year-Old Man Two Others Arrested In Imo
2019-11-23 13:12:00DetailIndiaTitlagarh, Odisha, IndiaINDIA - Rayagada Cops Crack Kidnap Case With Arrest Of Three Persons
2019-11-23 10:24:00DetailUnited KingdomLeyton, London, UKUNITED KINGDOM - Two Jailed For Gunpoint Kidnapping In Leyton
2019-11-23 07:06:00DetailIndiaNai Abadi, Abohar, Punjab, IndiaINDIA - Two Arrested For Kidnap Murder Of 12-Yr-Old Boy
2019-11-23 05:36:00DetailIndiaSumthana, Nagpur, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - Seven Arrested For Thrashing Kidnapping Farm Hand
2019-11-23 04:37:00DetailIndiaMominpore, Kolkata, West Bengal, IndiaINDIA - Three Abductors Land In Police Net
2019-11-22 19:55:00DetailMalaysiaTaman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, Selangor, MalaysiaMALAYSIA - 17-Year-Old Among Four Arrested For Robbery Kidnap Attempt In Shah Alam
2019-11-22 17:26:00DetailUnited StatesCooper Lakes Drive, Grayson, GA, USAGEORGIA - Alleged Kidnapper Located In Gwinnett After Full-Fledged Manhunt
2019-11-22 07:05:00DetailUnited StatesWest Jordan, Utah, USAUTAH - Teacher Accused Of Kidnapping Student With Autism Says She Was Trying To Help The Upset Child
2019-11-22 00:00:00DetailTrinidad and TobagoClifton Hill, Point Fortin, Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago - Three Held In Alleged Kidnapping Of Contractor Wife
2019-11-22 00:00:00DetailIndiaLalpur, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Man Abducts Kills Minor For Ransom To Marry Girlfriend Arrested
2019-11-21 22:30:00DetailIndiaGurgaon, Haryana, IndiaINDIA - Two Held For Kidnapping And Killing Man Over Land Dispute In Gurgaon
2019-11-21 21:40:00DetailUnited States2500 N Bristol St, Santa Ana, California, USACALIFORNIA - Santa Ana Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder And Kidnapping For Ransom
2019-11-21 00:00:00DetailIndiaEast Delhi, Delhi, IndiaINDIA - Four Men Rob Passengers After Hijacking Cab Kidnapping Driver In Delhi
2019-11-20 22:11:00DetailIndiaMohammadpur, Pune, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - Man Stripped Naked Beaten Up For Refusing To Pay Extortion Money
2019-11-20 18:36:00DetailIndiaOkhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station, Sector Road, Sector 94, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Abduction Bid Goes Wrong As Kidnappers Stuck In Heavy Traffic
2019-11-20 16:42:00DetailIndiaAhmedabad, Gujarat, ININDIA - Swami Nithyananda Booked Two Women Disciples Held For Kidnapping
2019-11-20 13:37:00DetailUnited StatesBateman Mall Park, Colby Street, Berkeley, CA, USACALIFORNIA - Man Charged With Trying To Kidnap Child At Berkeley Library
2019-11-20 07:28:00DetailIndiaPalwal, Haryana, IndiaINDIA - Girl Kidnapped Rescued In 12 Hrs
2019-11-19 16:00:00DetailNigeriaIkeja, Lagos, NigeriaNIGERIA - Court Remands Ex- Banker Wife Over N377m Money Laundering
2019-11-19 13:47:00DetailUnited StatesWest Valley City, UT, USAUTAH - Police Former Employees Kidnap West Valley Restaurant Owner
2019-11-19 11:53:00DetailUnited StatesBethesda, MD, USAMARYLAND - Yashica Terry Charged In Abduction Kidnapping Of 4-Year-Old In Bethesda Allegedly Pushed 76-Year-Old Grandfather During Incident
2019-11-18 21:10:00DetailUnited StatesFort Worth, TX, USATEXAS - Police Rescue Kidnapped 8-Year-Old Hiding In Laundry Basket
2019-11-18 17:34:00DetailIndiaRachakonda, Telangana, IndiaINDIA - Tenth Standard Student Kidnaps A Minor For Rs 3L Ransom
2019-11-18 12:16:00DetailIndiaPune, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - Navsari Agriculture University Engineer Booked For Kidnapping
2019-11-18 01:53:00DetailIndiaSatna, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Bandit Queen Sadhna Patel Arrested By Madhya Pradesh Police From Bhopal Forests
2019-11-18 00:00:00DetailPakistanZaman Town, Korangi, Karachi, PakistanPAKISTAN- SI Held For Kidnapping Extortion
2019-11-18 00:00:00DetailNigeriaAdamawa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnap Suspect In Adamawa Buys 10 Cows With N450000 Share
2019-11-18 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesCheraw, S.C., USASOUTH CAROLINA - DNA Links Man To Kidnapping Assault Of SC Jogger
2019-11-17 20:33:00DetailIndiaLinsugur Bus Stand, Lingsugar Road, Vivekanand Nagar, Lingsugur, Karnataka, IndiaINDIA - Kidnapping Caught On Camera Young Man Abducted At Gun-Point In Karnataka Raichur
2019-11-17 13:19:00DetailUnited StatesPort Authority Bus Terminal, New York, NY, USANEW YORK - Cab Driver Who Tricked Immigrants Into Cabs Demanded Ransoms To Be Sentenced
2019-11-17 00:00:00DetailUnited States2200 E Kiest Blvd, Dallas, TX, USATEXAS - 13-Year-Old Found Dead Was Being Held For Ransom To Get Stolen Drugs Back Warrant Says
2019-11-16 15:00:00DetailIndiaPitale Nagar, Pitale Nagar Colony, Burhanj Baug-B Colony, Market Yard, Gultekdi, Pune, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - Three Held For Kidnapping Pune Businessman Rs1-5 Crore Ransom Recovered
2019-11-16 12:21:00DetailIndiaHabra, West Bengal, IndiaINDIA - Three Suspected Illegal Bangla Migrants Held For Kidnapping Trader
2019-11-16 11:22:00DetailNigeriaUngogo, Kano, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Rescue 4-Yr-Old Boy Arrest 2 Suspects For Kidnapping In Kano
2019-11-16 05:22:00DetailIndiaBodeli, Vadodara, Gujarat, IndiaINDIA - Youth Booked For Kidnapping Friend Demanding Rs 1 Cr Ransom
2019-11-16 00:01:00DetailNigeriaOnitsha, Anambra, NigeriaNIGERIA - Anambra Police Arrest Kidnappers Who Allegedly Killed Victims After Collecting N3m Ransom
2019-11-15 07:22:00DetailIndiaGolden Temple Complex, Golden Temple Road, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar Cantt., Punjab, IndiaINDIA - Kidnapped Boy Recovered From Delhi Two Arrested
2019-11-15 04:00:00DetailSouth AfricaMandeni, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Child Kidnapped In Mandeni Found In Eastern Cape
2019-11-15 00:00:00DetailIndiaSector 60, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Private Firm Senior Executive Turns Out To Be Murder Convict Who Escaped Jail In 2013 Held
2019-11-15 00:00:00DetailIndiaSector 7a, Block E, Sector 7, Faridabad, Haryana, ININDIA - Gym Trainer Who Killed Family Of 4 Sent To Police Custody
2019-11-15 00:00:00DetailPhilippinesPasay City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - 4 Kotong Cops Charged
2019-11-15 00:00:00DetailKenyaThika Road Mall, Nairobi, KenyaKENYA - Fake Kidnap Student Who Called Brother For Ksh.20K Ransom Arrested At TRM
2019-11-14 15:00:00DetailGhanaKumasi, GhanaGHANA - British Techie Tracked Maritimers Kidnapped In Ghana
2019-11-14 09:14:00DetailUnited KingdomDerrylin, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, UKUNITED KINGDOM - Two Men And One Woman Arrested Over Kidnapping And Torture Of Quinn Industrial Holdings Director Kevin Lunney
2019-11-14 05:00:00DetailSouth AfricaMandeni, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Child Allegedly Kidnapped From Mandeni Classroom
2019-11-14 02:22:00DetailNigeriaLafia, Nasarawa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Arrest Ex-Soldier Over Kidnap Murder Of Victim In Lafia
2019-11-14 00:00:00DetailNigeriaIba, Lagos, NigeriaNIGERIA - Lagos Monarch Kidnappers To Die By Hanging
2019-11-14 00:00:00DetailSouth AfricaJohannesburg, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Hawks Bust Alleged Kidnapping Syndicate In Johannesburg
2019-11-13 23:42:00DetailIndiaRohini, New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaINDIA - Abducted Youth Rescued In Rohini One Arrested
2019-11-13 17:23:00DetailUnited StatesFairlanes, Fairlanes Avenue Southwest, Grandville, MI, USAMICHIGAN - Man Charged With Kidnapping Girl 8 From Grandville Bowling Alley
2019-11-13 12:57:00DetailIndiaChaderghat, Hyderabad, Telangana, IndiaINDIA - Kidnapped Infant Girl Rescued
2019-11-13 00:00:00DetailIndiaSoladevanahalli, Karnataka, IndiaINDIA - Attempts Of Kidnapping And Torching Of Vehicles Failed Accused Held
2019-11-12 23:10:00DetailIndiaMadurai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaINDIA - HC Confirms Life Sentence For Seven Men In Kidnap Case
2019-11-11 22:00:00DetailNamibiaWalvis Bay, NamibiaNAMIBIA - Pastor Arrested For Alleged Kidnapping Of Minor
2019-11-11 11:53:00DetailUnited States4000 Columbia Ave, Columbia, PA, USAPENNSYLVANIA - Lancaster Man Accused Of Kidnapping Woman
2019-11-11 07:12:00DetailIndiaBhandup, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - 10-Year-Old Girl From Bhandup Found Dead On Railway Tracks
2019-11-11 00:58:00DetailNigeriaZaria, Kaduna, NigeriaNIGERIA - NSCDC Arrests 7 Over Kidnapping Internet Fraud

Kidnappings For Ransom - Other

2019-12-10 12:53:00DetailUnited StatesAnnadale, Sanger, Fresno, Calif, USACALIFORNIA - Man Tried To Kidnap Woman Getting Out Of Car In Sanger Gym Parking Lot Police Say
2019-12-10 12:22:00DetailIndiaSurajpur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - DMRC Official Missing Cops Suspect Abduction
2019-12-10 01:42:00DetailPhilippinesPaseo de Roxas & Perea, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - Chinese Woman Abducted In Makati Financial District Police
2019-12-10 00:00:00DetailIndiaPatiala, Punjab, IndiaINDIA - Two Girls Abducted In Separate Cases Police Clueless
2019-12-09 04:56:00DetailUnited States11800 Airline Dr, Houston, TX, USATEXAS - Police Searching For Victim Of Possible Road Rage Crash Kidnapping
2019-12-09 00:00:00DetailMozambiqueBeira, MozambiqueMOZAMBIQUE - Son Of Beira Businessman Kidnapped
2019-12-09 00:00:00DetailIndiaTura-Phulbari Road, Rongram, Meghalaya, IndiaINDIA - Abducted Driver Yet To Be Found
2019-12-09 00:00:00DetailPakistanQilla Abdullah District, Balochistan, PakistanPAKISTAN - Teenager Kidnapped In Qila Abdullah
2019-12-08 15:00:00DetailNigeriaOwo, Ondo, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnappers Demand N100 Million To Release Ondo Catholic Priests
2019-12-08 00:00:00DetailTanzaniaColosseum Hotel and Fitness Club, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTANZANIA - Cops Grill Hotel Workers About African Billionaire Kidnapping
2019-12-07 18:25:00DetailIndiaBengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaINDIA - Police Register FIR After Girl Escapes Kidnapping In Bengaluru
2019-12-07 14:26:00DetailPhilippinesTagbilaran City, Bohol, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - Bohol Student Apologizes For Inventing Kidnap Story
2019-12-07 07:15:00DetailIndiaKailash Nagar Rd, State Bank Of India ATM, Kailash Nagar, Luxmi Colony, Jodhewal, Ludhiana, Punjab, IndiaINDIA - Abduction Victim Under City Police Scanner
2019-12-07 00:00:00DetailIndiaWest Garo Hills district, Meghalaya, IndiaINDIA - Local Criminals Kidnap JCB Driver At Gun Point In WGH
2019-12-07 00:00:00DetailPakistanDHA, Karachi, PakistanPAKISTAN - Dua Mangi Returns Home A Week After Being Kidnapped In Karachi DHA
2019-12-06 15:00:00DetailUnited States3000 Hewitt Ave, Aspen Hill, MD, USAMARYLAND - Montgomery County Police Investigating Possible Kidnapping In Aspen Hill
2019-12-06 14:15:00DetailUnited StatesBurlington, MA, USAMASSACHUSETTS - Burlington Police Warn Of Grandparent Scams
2019-12-06 11:24:00DetailSouth AfricaEast Boom Street Clinic - T.B Unit, Pietermaritzburg, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Newborn Baby Kidnapped From PMB Clinic
2019-12-05 20:22:00DetailUnited States1800 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA, USACALIFORNIA - Costa Mesa PD Jewelry Store Owner Found With Serious Injuries After Kidnapping Robbery
2019-12-05 15:27:00DetailNigeriaBonny Island, NigeriaNIGERIA - Pirates Kidnap 19 Crew Members From Greek Tanker Off Nigeria
2019-12-05 12:01:00DetailIndiaThousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaINDIA - Cops Smell A Rat In Multiplex Worker Abduction Complaint
2019-12-05 00:00:00DetailPakistanNew Sabzi Mandi, Karachi, PakistanPAKISTAN - Two Men Accuse Cops Of Abduction Taking Ransom For Release
2019-12-05 00:00:00DetailCameroonYaounde, CameroonCAMEROON - Boko Haram Kidnaps 17 Youths In North Cameroon Officials
2019-12-05 00:00:00DetailNigeriaMaiduguri, Borno, NigeriaNIGERIA - Insurgents Kidnap 14 Persons In Borno
2019-12-05 00:00:00DetailPakistanDHA, Karachi, PakistanPAKISTAN - Dua Mangi Kidnappers Demanding USD0.25 Million Ransom Report
2019-12-04 07:10:00DetailUnited States1 Metropolitan Oval, The Bronx, NY, USANEW YORK - Prostitute Kidnapped Tied Up At Gunpoint In The Bronx
2019-12-04 04:01:00DetailUnited StatesDePaul College Prep, North California Avenue, Chicago, IL, USAILLINOIS - Man Wanted For Trying To Kidnap Girl In Irving Park Police
2019-12-03 10:00:00DetailSouth AfricaSophiatown, Johannesburg, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Sophiatown Police Look To Ensure No One Gets Abducted Or Kidnapped
2019-12-03 07:17:00DetailUnited States20800 South Lagrange Road, Frankfort, Illinois, USAILLINOIS - New Lenox Man Kidnapped Driven Around To Store Case Being Investigated Along With November Frankfort Robbery
2019-12-02 21:53:00DetailMexicoGuanajuato, MexicoMEXICO - Suspected Cartel Members Kidnap Hospital Patient Apparently Dismember Him
2019-12-02 20:24:00DetailPhilippinesCebu City, Cebu, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - CCPO Assures Public No Kidnapping Incidents In Cebu City
2019-12-02 13:42:00DetailIndiaKalyan, Thane, Maharashtra, IndiaINDIA - Buffalo Trader Receives Ransom Call From Fugitive Gangster Ejaz Lakdawala
2019-12-02 12:24:00DetailUgandaQueen Elizabeth National Park, Fort Portal-Mpondwe Rd, Rubirizi, UgandaUGANDA - American Tourist Kidnapped In Ugandan Park Rescued According To The Uganda Military
2019-12-02 06:12:00DetailNigeriaMubi North, Adamawa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Police Rescue Kidnapped Adamawa DPO
2019-12-02 06:00:00DetailNigeriaSarkin Kudu, Taraba, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kidnap CAN Chairman
2019-12-02 00:00:00DetailPakistanDHA, Karachi, PakistanPAKISTAN - Girl Kidnapping From Karachi DHA Poses Challenge For Police
2019-12-02 00:00:00DetailJapanOsaka, JapanJAPAN - Osaka Girl Abduction Highlights Social Media Crime Kid Victims
2019-12-01 15:23:00DetailNigeriaKuje Close, Abuja, FCT, NigeriaNIGERIA - Again Gunmen Kidnap Brother Sister In Abuja
2019-12-01 13:15:00DetailNigeriaRubochi, Kuje, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnapped Abuja Monarch Freed After Paying N6.5m Ransom
2019-11-30 16:41:00DetailIndiaBalaghat, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaINDIA - Two Weeks Later Still No Trace Of Man Abducted By Maoists Cadres From Jungles Of Madhya Pradesh
2019-11-30 02:00:00DetailNigeriaLokoja, Kogi, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kill FRSC Officer Injure Other On Lokoja-Okene Highway
2019-11-30 00:00:00DetailIrelandLimerick City, County Limerick, IrelandIRELAND - Council Could End Up Held To Ransom Over Plot Of Land In Limerick city
2019-11-29 18:37:00DetailNigeriaFederal Capital Territory, Kuje Area Council, Rubochi Ward, Rubochi, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnappers Threaten To Kill FCT Traditional Ruler
2019-11-29 11:36:00DetailIndiaMansa, Punjab, IndiaINDIA - Mansa Police Trace Missing Boys At Chandigarh In Few Hours
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailIndiaNew Delhi, Delhi, IndiaINDIA - Centre Extends Ban On ULFA For 5 Years
2019-11-29 00:00:00DetailNigeriaNsukka, Enugu, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnapped Nsukka Catholic Priest Regains Freedom
2019-11-28 00:00:00DetailCanadaNorth York, Toronto, ON, CanadaCANADA - Truck Sought In Attempted Kidnapping Of Woman In North York
2019-11-27 15:02:00DetailUnited StatesCumberland County, NC, USANORTH CAROLINA - Cumberland Mom Sounds Alarm After Son Nearly Abducted Police Looking For Silver Van
2019-11-27 11:22:00DetailIndiaVadodara, Gujarat, IndiaINDIA - Boy Rescue From Child Labour Creates Confusion Of Abduction
2019-11-27 10:04:00DetailNigeriaKuje Close, Abuja, FCT, NigeriaNIGERIA - Pandemonium As Gunmen Abduct Traditional Ruler In Abuja
2019-11-26 16:37:00DetailPhilippinesSan Pedro, Laguna, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - Cops Rescue 2 Kidnapped Chinese Pogo Workers In Laguna
2019-11-26 14:00:00DetailNigeriaIjoka Street, Ilesa, Osun, NigeriaNIGERIA - Unknown Gunmen Abduct Foreigners In Osun
2019-11-26 00:00:00DetailNigeriaNsukka, Enugu, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kidnap Another Catholic Priest In Nsukka
2019-11-26 00:00:00DetailIndiaGodhra, Gujarat, IndiaINDIA - Godhra Boy Missing From Children Home Kidnap Case Filed
2019-11-26 00:00:00DetailMexicoNevado de Toluca, State of Mexico, MexicoMEXICO - Frenchman Actor Kidnapped In Mexico Freed Officials
2019-11-25 13:55:00DetailGuineaGulf of GuineaGUINEA - Seven Kidnapped From Swire Anchor Handler In Gulf Of Guinea
2019-11-25 08:40:00DetailIndiaNaraina, New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaINDIA - Teen Stages Abduction Texts From Mom Phone
2019-11-25 08:32:00DetailPhilippinesPatikul, Sulu, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - Philippine Troops Kill 6 Terrorists In Two-Day Clashes In Southern Philippines
2019-11-25 08:16:00DetailMexicoNevado de Toluca National Park, State of Mexico, MexicoMEXICO - French Citizen Kidnapped In Mexican National Park
2019-11-25 04:42:00DetailNigeriaGwagwalada, NigeriaNIGERIA - 2 Kidnapped Brothers Freed After N1-5m Ransom Payment
2019-11-23 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesElizabethtown, N.C., USANORTH CAROLINA - Officers Shoot Man Accused Of Kidnapping Woman
2019-11-22 15:47:00DetailUnited StatesLaredo, TX, USATEXAS - Police Department Addresses Kidnapping Rumors
2019-11-22 05:00:00DetailMalaysiaTambisan Island, Sabah, MalaysiaINDONESIA - Indonesia Neighbors Work Closely To Release Abducted Citizens
2019-11-22 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesForster Street, Harrisburg, PA, USAPENNSYLVANIA - No Three Women Were Not Reported Abducted In Harrisburg Police
2019-11-21 17:00:00DetailNigeriaMangu Street, Jos, Plateau, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kill Miyetti Allah Chairman In Plateau
2019-11-21 00:00:00DetailNigeriaMubi, Adamawa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kidnap DPO Demand N50m Ransom
2019-11-21 00:00:00DetailMalaysiaSandakan, Sabah, MalaysiaMALAYSIA - Abu Sayyaf Demands USD800000 Ransom For Trio
2019-11-21 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesBoca Raton, FL, USAFLORIDA - Woman Claims Two People Kidnapped Her From Publix In Boca Raton
2019-11-21 00:00:00DetailNigeriaHayin Danmani LEA Bokon Daji, Kaduna, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kidnap Nursing Mother Baby Others In Kaduna
2019-11-21 00:00:00DetailNigeriaBenin Sapele Rd, Delta, NigeriaNIGERIA - Suspected Gunmen Abduct Medical Doctor In Delta
2019-11-20 22:35:00DetailIndiaChokpot, South Garo Hills, Meghalaya, IndiaINDIA - Two Assam Traders Kidnapped In South Garo Hills
2019-11-20 18:33:00DetailUnited StatesErlanger, Kentucky, USAKENTUCKY - Erlanger Man Targeted By Kidnapping Phone Scam
2019-11-20 17:48:00DetailUnited States7th Ave Pl SW, Hickory, NC, USANORTH CAROLINA - Kidnappers Shoot Hickory Business Owner Tie Up Girlfriend Child
2019-11-20 07:47:00DetailUnited StatesMartel Dr, Lexington, SC, USASOUTH CAROLINA - Lexington Police Investigate Overnight Burglary Kidnapping
2019-11-20 04:01:00DetailIndiaDhrangadhra, Gujarat, IndiaINDIA - Medical Store Owner Abducted After Tiff
2019-11-20 00:00:00DetailNigeriaCalabar, Cross River, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnappers On Rampage In Calabar Abduct 7
2019-11-19 17:00:00DetailNigeriaGboko, Benue, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnapped Benue Medical Doctor Regains Freedom
2019-11-19 11:00:00DetailNigeriaHoly Ghost Cathedral, Enugu, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnapped Enugu Catholic Priest Regains Freedom
2019-11-19 08:02:00DetailUnited StatesHansen's Fundraising, Goddard Way, Green Bay, WI, USAWISCONSIN - Green Bay Police Searching Suspect Victim Of Kidnapping
2019-11-19 03:00:00DetailAfghanistanKabulAFGHANISTAN - Two Professors Released By Taliban Three Years After Kidnapping
2019-11-19 00:00:00DetailMexicoH-E-B CAMPESTRE, Avenida Tamaulipas, Adolfo López Mateos, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, MexicoMEXICO - Two Men Shot In Mexican Border City Cartel Kidnapping
2019-11-18 15:00:00DetailUnited StatesFawn Township, PA, USAPENNSYLVANIA - Man Wanted For Kidnapping Leads Police On High-Speed Chase Through 3 Counties
2019-11-18 08:43:00DetailUnited StatesHumboldt County, CA, USACALIFORNIA - Humboldt Residents Targets Of Virtual Kidnapping For Ransom Ploy
2019-11-18 04:43:00DetailUnited StatesChippewa St, St. Louis, MO, USAMISSOURI - Police Search For Vehicle Connected With Kidnapping Shooting
2019-11-17 12:11:00DetailUnited States20800 South Lagrange Road, Frankfort, IL, USAILLINOIS - Suspects Kidnap Rob Woman In Frankfort
2019-11-17 00:00:00DetailNigeriaMahuta, Kaduna, Igabi, NigeriaNIGERIA - Two Abducted Lecturers Regain Freedom In Kaduna
2019-11-16 00:00:00DetailPhilippinesTukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, PhilippinesPHILIPPINES - MILF Leader Sayyaf Linked To Kidnapping Of British Man Wife
2019-11-16 00:00:00DetailNigeriaAmansiodo, Enugu, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kidnap Another Catholic Priest
2019-11-16 00:00:00DetailNigeriaKogi State Government Subeb, Idah, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kogi Election INEC Official Abducted In Lokoja
2019-11-15 11:14:00DetailUnited StatesValley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA, USACALIFORNIA - Human Remains Found In Mojave Identified As San Gabriel Valley Kidnapping Victim
2019-11-15 00:00:00DetailNigeriaMAUTECH, Yola, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Storm Adamawa University Kidnap Professor
2019-11-15 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesFort Wright, KY, USAKENTUCKY - Ft. Wright Police Warning People Of Threatening Kidnapping Scam Call
2019-11-14 22:53:00DetailNigeriaAiyepe, Odogbolu, Ogun, NigeriaNIGERIA - Abductors Kidnap NTA Worker In Ogun Demand N15m Ransom
2019-11-14 18:44:00DetailUnited StatesLeimert Park, Los Angeles, CA, USACALIFORNIA - Doorbell Security System Records Possible Kidnapping
2019-11-14 07:42:00DetailIndiaGolden Temple Complex, Golden Temple Road, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar Cantt., Punjab, IndiaINDIA - 4 Days On Police Still Clueless About Kidnapped Minor Boy
2019-11-14 07:10:00DetailUnited StatesBlakeney, Rea Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, USANORTH CAROLINA - 19-Year-Old Robbed Kidnapped At Ballantyne Shopping Center
2019-11-14 03:00:00DetailSouth AfricaLimpopo, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Two Sisters Kidnapped Youngster Sister Released In Limpopo
2019-11-14 00:01:00DetailNigeriaBirnin Gwari, Kaduna, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kaduna Traffic Marshal Killed After Ransom Payment
2019-11-13 12:45:00DetailIndiaHabra, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, IndiaINDIA - Bangladeshi Man Pays Rs 50 Lakh To His Kidnappers
2019-11-13 07:00:00DetailNigeriaAlagbaka, Akure, NigeriaNIGERIA - Popular Ondo Pastor Accused Of Kidnapping Church Member One-Year-Old Son
2019-11-13 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesVegas Cabaret, North University Drive, Lauderhill, FL, USAFLORIDA - Armed Kidnapping Leads To Robbery And Burglary In Sunrise
2019-11-13 00:00:00DetailNigeriaBonny, Rivers, NigeriaNIGERIA - Four Senior Immigration Officers Abducted In Rivers
2019-11-12 18:00:00DetailNigeriaKano, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kano Police Rescue 11-Year-Old Boy Abducted Five Years Ago In Onitsha
2019-11-12 13:00:00DetailUnited StatesKern County, CA, USACALIFORNIA - KCSO Warns Of Kidnapping Scheme
2019-11-12 01:00:00DetailNigeriaMahuta, Kaduna, Igabi, NigeriaNIGERIA - Gunmen Kidnap 2 Lecturers In Kaduna Demand N7m
2019-11-12 00:00:00DetailUnited StatesRowland, Robeson County, North Carolina, USANORTH CAROLINA - Robeson County Woman Feared The Worst After Child Kidnapped
2019-11-11 17:11:00DetailNigeriaWest Africa, Abuja, NigeriaNIGERIA - DFA Confirms 2 Filipinos Kidnapped In West Africa
2019-11-11 12:11:00DetailAustraliaCentral Coast, NSW, AustraliaAUSTRALIA - NSW Woman Who Escaped Attempted Kidnapping Still Missing And Wanted By Police
2019-11-11 11:00:00DetailSouth AfricaEffingham Road, Durban, South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA - Effingham Resident Hijacked Kidnapped In Driveway
2019-11-11 08:55:00DetailUnited StatesMemphis, Tenn, USATENNESSEE - Child Found Unharmed After Abduction From Gas Station
2019-11-11 01:13:00DetailMexicoSonora, MexicoMEXICO - Mexico Uncovers 10 More Bodies From Mass Grave In Sonora
2019-11-11 00:00:00DetailNigeriaTHE ENGRAVERS' COLLAGE., Kakau, NigeriaNIGERIA - Six Christian Schoolgirls Others Abducted In Nigeria Released After Torture God Brought Us Help
2019-11-11 00:00:00DetailNigeriaNasarawa, NigeriaNIGERIA - Kidnappers Kill Man In Nasarawa Despite Receiving N40000 Ransom
2019-11-11 00:00:00DetailUgandaRuti Trading Centre, Mbarara, UgandaUGANDA - Mbarara Kidnappers Demand Shs 6m Ransom
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